How to track Facebook ads and promoted posts with Google Analytics

[Updated: Jan 2020] Often I see quite significant amount of and referral traffic in Google Analytics reports that clearly is driven by paid advertising campaigns or post promotion. Usually that it either due to absence of tracking parameters or using inappropriate fields in Facebook Ads Manager.

Why Campaign Tagging & Naming are Important and How To Do It Right

Digital marketing is full of data silos, where each platform owns only part of the story data. For example, Facebook will show you clicks and costs for your campaign, but you will have to go to Google Analytics to analyse Bounce rate or Pages / Sessions. Often you will have to switch between different platforms […]

SEO reports in Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is able to automatically import data from Search Console, that allows marketers to visualise Google Search performance data and get SEO insights from the reports. I would like to share my experience and suggestions for SEO reports made with Google Data Studio. Plan before you start There is so many data available […]

Guide to Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics debugging

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager debugging is a complicated topic, full of technical nuances (and sometimes hours of frustration). While I do not claim to be an expert in this topic, I want to share some points and techniques I’ve learned and am using myself.

Creating a Customer Survey with Google Analytics events

How to know if your website content was valuable to the visitor? You can look at different session metrics or social shares, but still may want to ask the visitors to get better insights. There are various online surveys to use, with their own features and limits. What I would like to share, is how to […]

7 things to consider for Google Analytics friendly website development

Website design & development is a complex process what involves many different aspects. While the focus usually is on visual design, content and functionality questions, some technical details that can impact your digital analytics tend to be left behind. I would like to share my thought on 7 things worth considering while developing a website to […]